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TEAKCT is the number one expert in teak care and has been offering the best and quality services to clients for more than six years in the entire Connecticut. Loyal clients can attest to the fact that TEAKCT pays attention to all that pertains to restoration, repair, maintenance and preservation of teak wood and more so teak outdoor furniture as well as other high quality hardwoods.

TEAKCT will give your outdoor environment generally an invaluable touch that no other can offer.
Teak has for long been used in various types of furniture since the hardwood has proven to be very durable. The usage dates back in the seventh century when teak was widely used in the Southeast Asia for making pieces of furniture in religious buildings and the palaces. After the seventh century, it was discovered that teak is the pillar of every strong piece of furniture. That is why its use was extended to other uses like boat building especially in the Middle Ages. Did you know that this is when the furniture designs of the Victorian era had the greatest impact in the entire Europe? Teak is what made and still is making the Victorian furniture tick at the moment. This, TEAKCT knows and understands very well. No wonder our expertise cannot be challenged. Our expertise is especially deeply rooted in the experience with boats made of teak wood. TEAKCT has experimented on numerous sealing agents and products by working with the teak on boats over the years. The result is that we have come up with marine grade types of sealers which have enabled us satisfy our clients always since these extraordinary sealers are loaded with a special blend of the best oils in relation to cleaning and restoring teak furniture of all types.
With no doubt, our services are exclusive and one of a kind. We always ensure that the refurbishment, repair and maintenance as well as the preservation of teak surfaces is the topmost in quality. Good for you, we understand how costly teak and other furniture made from high-quality wood can be. That is why we are here to make it easier for you: to make your teak furniture last longer and look new every day and time. Part of our job includes cleaning, coloring, sanding, staining as well as sealing all the surfaces outdoors such as siding, decks, fences, patios and outdoor furniture. This includes offering standard and custom covers unique for each type of your furniture apart from cushion cleaning. The rest of our job is most importantly to satisfy every need of our client. Our expertise services as well as consultations are all done on site yet still, we can cater for those clients who wish the work be done off site by providing pickup and delivery services. Everything at TEAKCT is at the client’s convenience.
Maximizing how you enjoy your teak is our chief goal. How else can it be done if not by offering high quality wood care as well as complete customer service? TEAKCT has mastered the teak cleaning and restoration skill and service through paying relentless attention to each and every detail. Besides, the rich experience with teak as well as high quality woods is another of our strong points. Being more than maintenance is not easy but TEAKCT is doing it! Because of this, we are the most sought-after consultants by furniture designers, property owners and managers as well as interior and exterior designers. We have helped a lot of them address aesthetic goals and also helped them with issues to do with the use as well as care of specialized pieces of wood. That is not all; we have managed to educate the community at large through our client consulting services.

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