Common Questions About Teak

Common Questions About Teak

What is teak, and why does it last so long?

Teak has a high oil content and is a closed grained hardwood. Those two components create a long wearing wood. It is also strongly resistant to rotting. You can leave teak in the sun or rain and even snow.

Why does my teak furniture That I just bought have dark and sometimes orange stripes?

Well for one you know it is teak, because all real teak furniture has these markings. These markings will disappear once the teak spends some time outdoors in the sun. These marks are mostly seen right after the kilning process when they are removing the moisture from the wood. They do this before they actually start creating the furniture. By doing this it will help the teak adjust to the climate changes.

Why do occasional cracks appear on my furniture?

These cracks are normal. The wood will expand and shrink depending on the weather, but will not affect the dependability of the furniture. Unless of course the teak is manufactured incorrectly.

Can teak furniture be kept outside for the entire year?

Yes, your teak furniture can be left outside all year. Remember though, just because teak wood is tough as nails it will get dirty, but the teak wood will withstand the rigors of the outdoors. If you do store your teak furniture be careful not to move it from one extreme to another. For example if you move the teak furniture from the cold outside, do not place it into your heated home. This extreme climate change could cause the wood to split. But instead move it to your unheated garage or shed.

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