Teak Patio Furniture Use And Care

Teak Patio Furniture Use And Care

As cold weather approached, many homeowners face the dilemma as what to do with their patio furniture. Many try weatherproofing, while others rearrange their basements or garages to make room for their patio furniture. Owners of Teak wood patio furniture, however, don’t waste time stress over this problem as they use their furniture year around. Perhaps they enjoy a morning cup of coffee on a crisp autumn day, or enjoy a beautiful evening sunset while sitting on their teak wood chair.

For years, woven wicker furniture was the favorite for gardens and sunroom, and then during the late 19th century, teakwood garden furniture began gaining popularity. One reason for this is its beauty, since Teak weathers to a gorgeous silvery gray color. Another reason is its durability.

Teakwood grows in Burma and Indonesia, where the weather is hot, humid, and wet. Teakwood is possible the hardest hardwood, and is resistant to wind damage, pests, sun damage, and humidity and water-resistant. In addition, Teak is so durable it does not splinter, which is one reason why the British Navy constructed their warships out of teak during the 1700s and 1800s. Teakwood has been used for centuries, in shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing, and in the construction of homes.

Teakwood changes color with age, new teakwood varies in color from light to dark brown, and as it ages over time it turns light silver gray. You will begin to see the first gray streaks after your teak furniture has been in the weather for about three to four months. However, this will also depend upon the various climate conditions in your area. An example of this would be if the area where you live has cold nights and hot sunny days, your teak furniture will turn gray faster, than if you live in an area where the temperatures are more constant during both day and night. In most instances, natural teak will become completely gray in about a year or two.

In order to preserve this beautiful shade of gray, it is strongly suggested that you wash your teak furniture at least once a year with a mild detergent and water. Whenever Im watering my outdoor plants, I wash down our teak furniture to remove the dust and pollen that has accumulated, using the same pressure as I do with my plants.

Over time, you may notice small cracks developing in your teak furniture. Because teak wood has a naturally high content of wood oils, it is not necessary to treat teak wood with any type of wood sprays, oils, or preservative. However, if you do use teak wood oil it will create a pretty surface sheen. If you do decide to use teak wood oil, make sure that your teak wood furniture is clean and dry before treating. You do not want to trap any water under the coat of oil. Untreated Teak patio furniture will develop stains from food or drinks if spilled however the sun will naturally fade these marks.

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